In the winter, construction of a new entrance to Sarafovo is planned.

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Construction of a new entrance to Sarafovo is planned. This became clear after the regular meeting of the Municipal Council of Burgas. At the proposal of the mayor Dymitr Nikolov, members of the Community Council previously approved the idea of ​​using agricultural land in the northern part of the quarter for these purposes. Today it was approved that its status will be changed in the future, and therefore procedures can be started to create an alternative entrance to the neighborhood.

The new route will connect the main Burgas-Pomorie road with Sarafovo district in its northern part. In fact, the section will start from the bus turnaround area at the end of Angela Dymitrova Street. "This will allow residents of this part of the block to reach their homes more easily, without passing through the central part of Angela Dimitrova Street and without reaching the roundabout at Burgas Airport," said Mayor Dimitr Nikolov.

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