Real estate agency

Агенства недвижимости в Болгарии Sherlock Homes

Who are we?

We are a young team of dedicated and dynamic specialists.

We are developing an intelligent company.

We confidently accept responsibility for our actions.

We create our future bright and free.

Sherlock Homes is a popular brand in the Bulgarian real estate market. The specialists of our real estate agency are real professionals in their field.

Our mission

We have a mission. Our mission is to make our clients happy. After all, every person should have a home that could serve as a theater for his hospitality.

but, a place for his own pleasure, a source of comfort in his private life, the best and most significant of what his children will inherit. Our services are a source of positive change in the lives of our clients.

Our mission is the success of our clients. How do we achieve this? Look how:

  • We analyze the Bulgarian real estate market daily. We are aware of all developments in the field of construction and development.
  • We provide choice through thousands of advantageous offers from our own database of properties across all resorts in Bulgaria.
  • We are looking only for liquid and high-quality real estate properties.
  • We always work to achieve the most favorable conditions for our clients.
  • We protect the interests of our clients, providing full legal support.
  • We become friends with our clients! Let's meet, meet, be friends!
Агенства недвижимости в Болгарии Sherlock Homes