Best price

Sunny beach
65000 €
Type: 1 - bedroom apartments
Floor: 4Area: 60 m²
Distance to sea: < 1000 m
Sveti Vlas
33000 €
Type: Studio
Floor: 2Area: 41 m²
Distance to sea: < 800 m
Sveti Vlas
59999 €
Type: 1 - bedroom apartments
Floor: 2Area: 65 m²
Distance to sea: < 800 m
Sunny beach
54500 €
Type: 1 - bedroom apartments
Floor: 4Area: 56 m²
Distance to sea: < 800 m
25999 €
Type: Studio
Floor: 1Area: 26 m²
Distance to sea: < 300 m
41990 €
Type: 1 - bedroom apartments
Floor: 4Area: 50 m²
Distance to sea: < 300 m

Bulgarian property prices in 2024

Housing type Sunny beach Sveti Vlas Ravda Sozopol Biala
Studios/Rooms 18 000 € 30 000 € 30 000 € 40 000 € 30 000 €
Apartments 30 000 € 45 000 € 50 000 € 65 000 € 45 000 €
Houses 75 000 € 100 000 € 100 000 € 150 000 € 80 000 €

Five simple steps

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    You send us a request
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  • 2
    We will contact you and clarify your wishes.
    Why are you looking for property in Bulgaria?
  • 3
    We will send options to your email and answer your questions.
    Repeat until
    the desired result
    We select options, clarify what is important to you
  • 4
    We meet and accommodate
    you upon arrival in Bulgaria
    You come to us, we prepare in advance, book a hotel and prepare a schedule of shows
  • 5
    We organize showings,
    carry out registration,
    hand over keys
    We look at properties, bargain for you, check documents, you enjoy your new apartment by the sea

What do we offer to our clients

Sherlock Homes company mainly selects and legally supports transactions with a notary for the purchase and sale of both secondary real estate in Bulgaria and from the developer. Over a long period of work in the real estate market in Bulgaria, our specialists have accumulated a wealth of experience in providing services in all matters of Bulgarian real estate. Today Sherlock Homes has a huge real estate database, its own video content on YouTube and fast Bulgarian news on Telegram.

  • Prompt selection of real estate at resorts in Bulgaria
  • Display of real estate on the Bulgarian coast, including online
  • Turnkey legal support for transactions with a notary in Bulgaria
  • Opening bank accounts and LLCs in Bulgaria
  • Checking objects for sale for encumbrances and collateral
  • After-sales service for real estate in resorts in Bulgaria


The most correct choice of where to buy an apartment in Bulgaria would be the Sunny Beach resort where the largest number of tourists is concentrated.

Purchasing real estate in Bulgaria entitles you to obtain a homeowner visa (for CIS countries). Obtaining citizenship is possible if there are appropriate grounds provided for by law and the availability of an apartment is a plus.

Yes. Our lawyers register quite a lot of objects with a notary through a power of attorney, especially during the pandemic. This saves you a flight and your time.

The support fee is an annual payment for the maintenance of the residential complex and the surrounding area. Varies from zero to 18 euros per square meter.

The cost of daytime electricity is 0.12 euro kW/hour, and nighttime electricity is 0.06 kW/hour. The cost of water is 1.5 euros m³.

Now, when the political situation remains uncertain and inflation is rising, more and more people are thinking about switching from savings in the bank to a more effective investment of capital - buying real estate. Currently, prices for apartments in Bulgaria by the sea are still at an acceptable level. At the same time, there are serious prospects for rising real estate prices. Bulgaria will join the eurozone on July 1, 2025. In addition, Bulgaria entered the Schengen zone, which attracted even more people to invest in this coastal European country.